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According to musicalsite.be, Veerle will be in the new DUTCH tour of "CATS"; not an "international tour" as previously stated. The part about her being apart of the swing is still true. Rehearsals begin August 9th. Live tryout's begin September 20th - September 24th in Hoorn at the Schowburg het Park. The premiere is on September 28th in Rotterdam at the Nieuwe Luxor Theater. For more information, please go to this site: Joop van den Ende CATS


According to Veerle's agent, Veerle will be taking part in an "international" (just how international, I don't know) tour of "CATS" as apart of the swing. When the tour starts up hasn't been clarified.


Also, "Mamma Mia!" in Antwerp has been extended to July 2nd.


Veerle is 28! Happy Birthday, Veerle!


According to Myriam Bronzwaar, who will be playing Tanja in the Antwerp production of “Mamma Mia!”, Veerle has joined the cast as apart of the ensemble! Congrats to Veerle! Go here for more information:



Veerle will be appearing in the Belgian version of the Czech musical "Dracula". She is playing a vampire. Performances begin November 3rd at the Stadsschouwburg Theatre in Antwerp, and run until December 4th. Go here for more information:
Today, March 6th, Veerle is 27!!! Happy Birthday Veerle!
According to Blackcat from Steven's Veerle forum, "De Wet volgens Milo" will begin airing September 1 on Net 5 of Dutch television.
Today, March 6th, Veerle is 26!!! Happy Birthday Veerle! 
Veerle will soon be starring on a new TV show in Belgium called "DE WET VOLGENS MILO" (The Law According to Milo). Veerle will be playing a law student in learning named Sonja.
Veerle will be on a Belgian television show called "Flikken" this sunday night. She play's a rape victim.
Veerle will be starring as Remi in the new musical "Alleen op de Wereld". Opening in October.
For more information, go here:
Veerle will be starring as Chava in the Flemish production of the classic musical "Fiddler on the Roof". Premiere is December 26, 2003
For more information, go here:

Site Updates

11/17/06 - Added three new pictures in the "CATS" gallery. Also added a new page for Veerle's autograph - including one I recently got! Thanks to Steven, Claire, and Amber whose Veerle's autographs they obtained are on the page. It's under the Veerle Galleries link.
10/27/06 - Added two pictures of Veerle in her Electra costume in the "CATS" 1st gallery. Also added a new picture in the Misc gallery.
10/11/06 - Added an amazing essay written by a Veerle Forum poster named Gracie. Please read it! It's wonderful!
10/04/06 - Decided it was time for a change, so I gave the site a new look! Hope you all like it! ^_^
9/29/06 - Added 11 new pictures to the "CATS" gallery [1] from the Press Presentation from the Netherlands Tour Production.
8/12/06 - Added 2 new pictures to the "Alleen op de Wereld" gallery.
7/30/06 - Added 4 new pictures of Veerle. 2 to the "Veerle and Fans" gallery (thanks to Steph and Evi from fan.club.nl/veerlecasteleyn), 1 to the "Mamma Mia!" gallery, and 1 to the "Misc" gallery.
6/28/06 - Added videos of Veerle to the site. They are accessable through YouTube.com. Just click on the link that says "Videos" and you will be taken to my YouTube Veerle Casteleyn Playlist.
6/08/06 - Finally added the "Mamma Mia!" gallery. Also made a special page just for the galleries under "The Veerle Galleries". Also added a new picture to the Misc gallery.
1/22/06 - Added new pictures to the "Cats Gallery 1", "Dracula", and "Fan Gallery". Thanks to Eponine (from the Veerle forum), and Jemima's Territory!
1/12/06 - Added a bunch of pictures of Veerle from the "Dracula" DVD. Thanks to Sylvani from the Veerle Forums!
1/11/06 - Added two new pictures from the musical "Dracula". Also added a new fan picture, thanks to Sylvani from the Veerle forums!
10/27/05 - Wow, it feels so good to update this site! Added a new photo gallery: the Dracula gallery. Currently, only dress rehersal pictures are up.
3/30/04 - I know it has been SO LONG since I lasted updated. And all the pictures got deleted. But they are back up now! Along with two new pictures in the Misc Veerle gallery.
6/6/04 - Added new pictures to the "Sound of Music" and "CATS" galleries
5/27/04 - Added new pictures to the "Flikken" gallery.
5/20/04 - Added new images to the Misc Veerle gallery and the Romeo en Julia gallery.
5/18/04 - Added new images to the Romeo en Julia gallery and the Fiddler on the Roof gallery.
5/10/04 - As you can see, I have totally re-vamped the site! I hope that you like it. All the galleries have been done over so when you click the small images you'll see the big image...even bigger then what I used to have! I have also updated the discography page.
4/9/04 - Added new pictures to the "Alleen Op De Wereld" gallery.
2/26/04 - Added some newer, bigger, and better pictures in the Romeo en Julia gallery!
2/06/04 - Added new pictures to the R&J gallery and the Liefde screen caps gallery.
12/05/03 > Added some new pictures to the Carousel, A Little Night Music, and Romeo en Julia galleries.
11/26/03 > Happy Thanksgiving to Veerle's American fans! Added 1 BEAUTIFUL new picture to the regular Veerle gallery, and 1 picture to the "Alleen op de Wereld" gallery.
10/22/03 > Added some new pictures to the Romeo en Julia, Alleen Op De Wereld, and Fiddler on the Roof galleries.
10/06/03 > Added a new picture of Veerle in the Flikken Gallery. Also uploaded the Flikken episode trailer.
10/03/03 > Added a new picture gallery of Veerle on the Belgian television show "Flikken"
9/27/ 03 > Added a new picture to thr R en J gallery. Also added the synopsis to "Alleen op de Wereld" in the Character Profiles. Thanks to Blackcat for translating it!
9/7/03 > Added new page, "Fiddler on the Roof" gallery with new picture's of Veerle and cast.
9/5/03 > Added new page, "Alleen op de Wereld" gallery with new pictures of Veerle and cast.
8/7/03 > Added new picture's to the CATS gallery 1, and the Sound of Music gallery.
7/12/03 > Added new picture to "Romeo en Julia Gallery"

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