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The Sound of Music

Synopsis >> The almost facts based story of when a postulant proves too high-spirited for the religious life, she is dispatched to serve as governess for the seven children of a widowed naval Captain. Her growing rapport with the youngsters, coupled with her generosity of spirit, gradually captures the heart of the stern Captain, and they marry. Upon returning from their honeymoon, they discover that Austria has been invaded by the Nazis, who demand the Captain's immediate service to their navy. The family's narrow escape over the mountains to Switzerland on the eve of World War II provides one of the most thrilling and inspirational finales ever presented in the theatre. The motion picture version remains the most popular movie of all time.

Veerle's Role >> Liesal Von Trapp, the eldest daughter of Captain Von Trapp. She has a secret relationship with Rolf Gruber, who is the telegram delivery boy.


Synopsis >> CATS takes place in an oversized junkyard at night. The actors and actresses wear unitards, tails, wigs, and thick makeup as their cat costumes. It consists of cats introducing fellow cats to the audience. All cats are called "Jellicles". The Jellicle Ball takes place once a year, and is a special night where all Jellicle cats get together in the junkyard and follow their urge to dance under the full moon. The antagonist of the show is Macavity, a criminal (yet mysteriously irresistible) feline. At the end of the Ball, Old Deuteronomy, the leader of the cats, takes a selected cat to the Heavyside Layer (a sort of "cat-heaven").

Veerle's Role >> Jemima, one of the youngest kittens in the tribe. Shes the first cat to offer her love to Grizabella, and is the one who gives her the strength to stand back up and try again.

Dutch Tour 2006 >> Swing. First cover for Electra and Sylvani (Jemima) and second cover for Victoria.


Synopsis >> After the mill girl, Julie Jordan, marries that handsome, but uncivilized carousel barker, Billy Bigelow, things turn sour for the couple. Billy cannot find a job and he and Julie are forced to live with their cousin, Nettie. Further, Billy has taken to using violence against her. Nevertheless, Julie continues to love her husband. Meanwhile, Julie's best friend, Carrie Pipperidge has found a different kind of man. She is marrying Enoch Snow, a kind fisherman. In the end, after Billy discovers that Julie is pregnant, disaster strikes. In a desperate ploy for money, Billy's friend, Jigger Craigin, convinces Billy to help him assault and rob David Bascombe, the mill owner. After this plan fails, Billy kills himself instead of spending the rest of his life in prison. Nevertheless, fifteen years later, Billy is allowed one more visit to Earth fifteen. He attempts to show his love for his daughter, Louise, and Julie - but he is unable. Even still, Julie can sense his love and Billy witnesses Louise graduating from high school.

Veerle's Role >> Lousie, Billy and Julie's daughter who suffers from the stigma of Billy's evil-doings.

A Little Night Music

Synopsis >>A Little Night Music tells the story of middle-aged lawyer Fredrik Egerman's search for sex and love. He spends most of the show married to his teenage trophy wife, Anne. The problem for Fredrik is that Anne refuses to have sex with him. As a result, Fredrik's eyes begin to wonder, and he ends up having a sexual encounter with an old fling, the actress, Desirée Armfeldt. Meanwhile, Desirée is seeing a married dragoon, Count Carl-Magnus. Further, during Fredrik's first marriage, he produced an extremely gloomy son, Henrik. After a weekend in a country chateau, Fredrik ends up in a duel with the Count over Desirée and Henrik and Anne end up falling in love with each other. Dancing in the show requires heavy waltzing by all cast members.

Veerle's Role >> Fredrika Armfeldt, Desirée Armfeldt's clever thirteen year-old granddaughter.

Romeo en Julia - van Haat tot Liefde

Synopsis >> After a particularly violent clash between Veronas two most powerful familiesthe Montagues and the CapuletsPrince Escalus orders peace in the land. Lord Capulet, as a show of good faith, promises his daughter Juliets hand in marriage to the Princes nephew, Paris. In celebration of the engagement, a masked ball is arranged. Romeo Montague and his friends attend the celebration; there, Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love. They are secretly wed the next day by Friar Laurence.

Before the young lovers can settle their plans, more fighting breaks out between the feuding families. Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt, Juliets cousin. Instead Mercutio, Romeos gallant friend takes the challenge himself. He is by mischance slain and Romeo, enraged, kills Tybalt. The Prince punishes Romeo by banishing him from Verona.

After spending the night together, Romeo leaves for Mantua early in the morning. Juliets father insists that her marriage to Paris go ahead as soon as possible. She again enlists Friar Laurences help; he instructs her to pretend to agree to the wedding, but to take a sleeping potion which will make her appear dead for forty-eight hours. She will be laid to rest in the Capulet family vault, and when she awakens, Romeo will be there to steal her away.

The plan nearly works, except that Friar Laurences message to Romeo explaining the situation is not duly delivered. Romeo, hearing only of Juliets "death," hastens to the vault. Heartbroken, Romeo takes poison and dies next to Juliets body. When she wakes and finds him dead, she stabs herself. The families are alerted and rush to the tomb. Over the bodies of their dead children, they are reconciled.

Veerle's Role >> Juliet Capulet, the young daughter of Lord Capulet, who defies her family and falls in love with her enemy, Romeo Montague.


Synopsis >> "Alone in the world" is a musical based on the book "Sans Famille" written by Hector Malot. Remi, the leading character, was exposed when she was a little baby and grew up with her foster-mother somewhere on the French country. When she is 10 years old she will be sold to an Italian street musician, Vitalis.

Vitalis tells about his latest tour through France, at which a 10-year-old foundling, Remi, which he bought from a Jerome Barbarin, accompanies him. The street musician Vitalis wanted to have the child, because she could use a young servant. Together with three dogs and a monkey - "the troop" - they appear in the villages and towns of France.

From Vitalis Remi learns how to be a street musician. She also learns from him how to read, write and above allsurvive.


When Vitalis gets into trouble with the police he has to go to jail for two months. During that period nobody looks after Remi and "the troop". When she almost has no more money left she meets an English lady, Misses Milligan, and her very sick little sun Arthur. During the last period of Vitalis's prison time, Remi stays with the Milligan's. When Vitalis, after his release, comes to pick up Remi, the farewell is hard but inevitable.


The winter starts early and Remi, Vitalis and the animals take shelter against the cold. Accept for Capi all the animals die from the cold. While they look for new animals Remi meets Mattia in Paris. Than Remi, Vitalis and Capi leave Paris. During a very cold winter evening they cannot find a shelter. To tired to go any further they fall asleep in the snow. Only Remi and the little dog Capi will survive.


Together with the little dog, Capi, and Remi starts traveling. After a lot of wandering and adventures he finds out that his real family has asked after him. Remi starts looking for them. The story ends well and she found a shelter for street musicians.


Veerle's Role >> Veerle plays the adult Remi.

Fiddler on the Roof

Synopsis >> Attempting to live a normal life filled with Jewish traditions in early twentieth century Russia, Tevye , a dairyman, is searching for appropriate husbands for his four eldest daughters - Golde, Tzeital, Hodel & Chava. In a break of tradition, his daughters refuse to accept the wishes of the matchmaker, Yente, and their father. Instead, they marry the men that they love. Meanwhile, Russians are instigating terrible pogroms against the Jewish people in Russia. In the end, the Jews of Anatevka are forced to leave their homes and Tevye is determined to start a better life in a new land.

Veerle's Role >> Chava, Tevye's middle daughter who wants to marry a Russian gentile, Fyedka. She dances ballet.

De Wet Volgens Milo

Synopsis >> Coming soon...

Veerle's Role >> Sonja, an intern at the law firm where Milo works at.


Synopsis >> Coming soon...

Veerle's Role >> Ensemble member.

Mamma Mia!

Synopsis >> The story takes place on a mythical Greek island in the present day, and centers around a young girl named Sophie who dreams of a white wedding, with her father giving her away at the altar (I HAVE A DREAM). Problem is, she doesn't know who her dad is - and she's getting married the next day. As the show begins, she explains to her chums that her mum, Donna, fell into the arms of three men within a short space of time. So she's got three possible dads, and has invited them all to the wedding (HONEY, HONEY).

Sophie's mum, a tavern hostess, used to front a rock chick band called "Donna and the Dynamos." Her former bandmates - the tomboyish Rosie and the glamorous Tanya - show up for the wedding, and talk over how life has turned out for them (MONEY, MONEY, MONEY). They're not the only ones who turn up though - so do the three possible dads, whom Sophie convinces not to tell Donna that she invited them (THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC). Donna is surprised, to say the least, at the sight of the new arrivals (MAMMA MIA).

Convinced that this new twist will ruin everything, she escapes to her room, where Rosie and Tanya do their best to cheer her up (CHIQUITITA). They discover momentos of their old rock band days, and try to see if they've still got it (DANCING QUEEN). Sophie is not much happier - she'd been sure she'd be able to tell at first sight which one was her father, but she has no clue. Sky (her fiancé) tries to cheer her up, while his friends try to steal him away for the traditional bachelor party, beginning with a deep-sea dive (LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME).

At Sophie's own party, Donna, Rosie and Tanya make their triumphant return to the stage (SUPER TROUPER). The three "dad"s, Sam, Bill and Harry, are also present, and as the only men there are subjected to the attention of the girls (GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!). Sophie talks to each of the men, and all of them become convinced that the reason he has been invited is because he is Sophie's father (THE NAME OF THE GAME). Sophie returns hopelessly confused, while the party carries on (VOULEZ-VOUS).

The second act begins with Sophie's nightmare about her wedding, where there are three men fighting to give away the bride, who isn't what she seems (UNDER ATTACK). Sam is the first to try to speak to Donna about his suspicions, but all she can think of is the past (ONE OF US). It turns out Sam, who may have been the love of her life, left her. They both wish they could go back to the time when they were open with one another (S.O.S.).

Meanwhile, Tanya has been fighting off advances from one of the boys that works for Donna, and finally manages to put him down once and for all (DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW?). Sam tells Sophie something about his failed marriage, trying to ensure she knows what she's getting into with Sky (KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU). Harry has also decided to speak to Donna, and they begin to reminisce about the time they spent together (OUR LAST SUMMER). Sophie herself arrives and Donna helps her finish getting ready for the wedding, hardly able to believe her little girl is getting married (SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS). Sam returns again, emboldened by his talk with Sophie, but Donna still doesn't want to have anything to do with him, and asks him to leave (THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL).

An attraction has been growing between Rosie and Bill, who find themselves alone in the church before the wedding. She decides to take matters into her own hands (TAKE A CHANCE ON ME). The wedding begins, with Donna giving the bride away. However, Sophie's been doing some thinking, and puts an end to the proceedings, saying she's just not ready. But someone else is - Sam explains his desertion of 20 years ago and asks Donna to marry him. Shocked, but happy, she agrees (I DO, I DO, I DO). Content with having three dads rather than just one, Sophie leaves with Sky to find their future (I HAVE A DREAM).

Veerle's Role >> Ensemble member.